2018 PhD Brainstorming Day

XXXI Ciclo

Dottorando Poster Presentazione
Biondi Salvatore Cooperating Smart Objects in IoT Infrastructures for
Context-Aware Applications
Cairone Fabiana

Models and Systems for the Control of Two-Phase Processes in Microfludics

Catania Emanuele Security and Privacy in 5G Networks  
Guastella Dario Calogero Terrain traversability analysis for ground mobile robots in ujnstructured environments  
Murabito Francesca Deeply Incorporating Human Capabilities into Machine Learning Models for Fine-Grained Image Categorization  
Parisi Alessandro Compact Architectures for DC-DC Converters with Galvanic Isolation  
Saccullo Giuseppe Advanced Eco-composites Materials  
Scroppo Marco Stefano Enhancing Interoperability in Industry 4.0  
Zago Vito Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics method and flow dynamics: the case of lava numerical modeling and simulation  


Dottorando Poster Presentazione
Aiello Giuseppe Analysis and Development of High Performance Electronic Converters with Wide Band Gap Devices  
Previti MariaLaura Online Social Netowrk Analysis  
Reno Marco Low power wireless sensor network protocols for real-time applications in Industry 4.0  
Sinatra Valentina Maria Development of innovative magnetic field sensors with tuning features for a wide operative range  
Valastro Gianluca Camillo A SDN/NFV based C-RAN architecture for 5G Mobile Networks  


Dottorando Poster Presentazione
Aneli Stefano Modeling of Innovative Solar Systems Integrated in the Building Envelope for the Production of Thermoelectric Energy  
Ballo Andrea Ultra low-power electronic systems for energy harvesting applications  
Barcellona Concetta Model and control fusion plasma instabilities  
Bontempo Scavo Fausto Modeling, experimental analysis and optimization of floating photovoltaic power plants  
Crispino Ruben Development of Smart Multi-Sensor Solutions for the Active Ageing and Well Being  
Grasso Christian Management and Orchestration of 5G Systems  
Nobile Giovanni Caratterizzazione e massimizzazione dell’efficienza di impianti di produzione di energia elettrica da fonti rinnovabili tramite l’utilizzo di elettronica di potenza distribuita  
Nocera Claudio Down-converter solutions for 77-GHz automotive radar sensors in 28-nm FD-SOI CMOS technology  
Riolo Salvatore Radio Resource Management in Heterogeneous 5G Cellular Network  
Salafia Marco Giuseppe Enhance interoperability in Industry 4.0 using OPC UA and Web technologies  
Sitta Alessandro Material characterization and modeling for power electronics  
Spinosa Angelo Giuseppe Neuro-inspired complex systems for Biorobotics  
Susinni Giovanni Innovative semiconductor devices for power electronics applications