2017 PhD Brainstorming Day

XXX Ciclo

Dottorando Poster Presentazione
Barbagallo Raffaele Characterization and modelling of metals


Buzzanca Marco Innovative Approaches to Community Detection  
Cammarata Giovanni Bio-inspired routing algorithms for Software Defined Networking  
Castorina Giovanni Microwave accelerating structures: an innovative parallel coupled electron LINAC  
Cavallo Marco A semantic model for the geographical characterization of sensor networks  
Greco Nunzio A 100-mW Fully Integrated DC-DC Converter with Double Galvanic Isolation  
Guardo Ermanno Edge Computing: challenges, solutions and architectures arising from the integration of Cloud Computing with Internet of Things  
Volpe Rosaria A methodology for the design of an urban energy distribution network of prosumers  

XXXI Ciclo

Dottorando Poster Presentazione
Biondi Salvatore Cooperating Smart Objects in IoT Infrastructures for
Context-Aware Applications
Cairone Fabiana Control Engineering in Two-Phase Biomicrofluidic  
Catania Emanuele ICT Security and Privacy in Future Wireless Networks  
Guastella Dario Calogero Terrain traversability analysis for ground mobile robots in unstructured environments  
Murabito Francesca Top-Down Saliency Detection Driven by Visual Classification  
Parisi Alessandro A Fully Integrated Galvanically Isolated DC-DC Converter with Data Communication  
Saccullo Giuseppe Composite Materials for advanced applications  
Scroppo Marco Stefano Integration of OPC UA into the Web  
Zago Vito Semi-implicit 3D SPH on GPU for lava flows    


Dottorando Poster Presentazione
Agrifoglio Antonio Theoretical-Experimental Model of Systems for Biofuels Production  
Aiello Giuseppe Analysis and Development of High Performance Electronic Converters with Wide Band Gap Devices  
Leonardi Luca Low-power Wireless Sensor Networks for real-time applications  
Pellecchia Gianluca RF-powered Transceivers for Long and Short Range Communications  
Previti MariaLaura Credibility Network for Online Social Network  
Reno Marco Low power wireless sensor network protocols for real-time applications in Industry 4.0  
Scaglione Francesco Innovative Algorithms to Rainfall Estimation and PCG Analysis  
Valastro Gianluca Camillo SDN/NFV in future mobile networks Radio Resource Management in Cloud Radio Access Networks  
Sinatra Valentina Maria Development of innovative magnetic sensors with tuning features for a wide operative range