Paolo Pietro ARENA

Full Professor of Systems and control engineering [ING-INF/04]

Prof. Paolo Pietro Arena

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Paolo Arena received his Master Degree in Electronic Engineering (cum Laude) in 1990; in 1994 he got his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering; in 1996 he became Assistant Professor in Control and System Theory at the University of Catania. Since 2000 he is Associate Professor of Control and System Theory at the University of Catania. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, Control System Society, Nuclear and Plasma Science Society and Robotics and Automation society, Italian National consortium Biostructures and Biosystems. He is co-author of more than 240 scientific papers, both published on international research journals and in the proceedings of International conferences. Among his publications are five monographs edited by International Publishers and three international patents. Since 1995 has been professor of different subjects in the field of System and Control theory, Optimization theory, Bioengineering and Biorobotics.

Paolo Arena served as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transaction on Circuits and Systems, Part I in the period 2002-2004 and in 2005. He served and Guest Co-editor of the Special Issue of the IEEE Transaction CAS I on CNN Technology and Active wave computing, published in May 2004. He also served as Guest Co-Editor for the International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, Special Issue on CNN Technology, parts I and II, published in 2005 and 2006, respectively.
He has been serving as Chair elect of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Chapter, Central and South Italy Section, since 2002.
He was the organiser of special sessions in several conferences on circuits, systems and control.
He is a member of the Technical committee on Cellular Neural Networks and Array Computing since 2000, and of the BIOCAS (Biological circuits and systems).
Prof. Paolo Arena research interests include the following fields:
- Artificial Supervised And Unsupervised Neural Networks (Theoretical aspects and application to modelling of nonlinear systems, as well as Control applications);
- Cellular Nonlinear Networks (CNNs) (Theoretical aspects, modelling and control of complex systems; Applications to real-time sensing/processing for diagnostics and control );
- Complex Systems, CNNs and Bio-Robotics (Theoretical aspects, Bio-inspired robots design, realization and control; Hybrid systems on chip for locomotion control);
- Non-Integer Order Systems (Theoretical aspects and applications);
- Complex Systems and Perception

Paolo Arena participates to several National and International scientific projects and European Research Networks. In particular he is the :

• Scientific coordinator of the EU funded project EU Funded project “Spatial temporal patterns for action-oriented perception in roving robots” (SPARK),(2004-2007);

• Scientific coordinator of the EU funded project EU Funded project “Spatial temporal patterns for actionb-oriented perception in roving robots II: an insect brain computational model” (SPARKII),(2008-2011);

• Scientific coordinator of the project ENEA/EURATOM «Emergent nonlinear methods, circuits and architectures for fast processing and control in FTU Systems»; Partner: Università di Catania – DIEES and ENEA Frascati, (since 2003);

• Project Leader of the project “Application of Cellular Nonlinear Network (CNN) technology to IR Thermography”, integrated project among ENEA, DIEES e JET/EURATOM, 2006-2007

• Local responsible of the project MIUR ISR1 2000-2004 “Sviluppo di metodologie innovative per la previsione, la mitigazione ed il controllo dei rischi derivanti da attività industriali chimiche e petrolifere”.

More details about some ongoing projects can be found in the following web site:

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