Double Degree Program in Electrical Engineering

University of Catania (UC) and University of Zilina (UZ)

This program is designed to provide selected student with an additional Master Degree from the UZ on top to their UC Master Degree. The program requires the attendance of two semesters at the University of Zilina, Slovak Republic.

  • According to the Agreement among the two Universities, students from UC can be admitted to attend the second semester of the first year and the first semester of the second year of UZ in order to finalize their studies. The final thesis will be developed at UC and supervised by two professors, one from each institution.
  • Eligible students
    • (a) must have obtained the Bachelor Degree and must be admitted to the first year of the Master Degree in Electrical Engineering;
    • (b) must have sufficient knowledge of English.
  • Double Degree students are selected in accordance with academic merit, past work and extracurricular experiences, as well as a demonstration of strong motivation to participate in the program.

Prof. Mario Cacciato and Prof. Pavol Špánik are the Coordinators of the Program at the two Universities.