Study Plan

Reference page

Programmed Offer

The programmed Offer presents the overall distribution ot the foreseen subjects in the two years of the Master Degree Course, related to the reference Cohort. For each subject are indicated: name, Scientific sector and number of CFU.


Delivered Offer

The delivered teaching offer presents the actual picture of the subjects activated in the current academic year.
For example, in the offer delivered to the 2016-2017 cohort:
  • the first year is devoted to the students enrolled in the A.A. 2016/2017;
  • the second year is devoted to the students enrolled in the A.A. 2015/2016;

For each subject are reported: name, scientific disciplinary sector, number of CFU and name of the professor in charge for the subject in the current A.A.


When and how to present the Study Plan: AA 2016-2017

From September 15 to December 10;  from February 1 2017 to March 15 2017. If the student chooses a subject not included among those ones not pre-approved and indicated in the list at the following item, he will have to submit the needed application al Board of the Master Degree.
Number of CFU needed to access to the second year: 24
List of the pre-approved subjects_at_choice:
- Fisica Tecnica (9 Credits 2 Semester 1003175 Ing. Industriale)
- Teoria dei Circuiti (9 Credits 2 Semester 1001926 LM Ing. Elettronica)
- Computer Grafica  (9CFU 1Sem 1000419 L Informatica)
- Internet Security  (9CFU 2Sem 1008042 L Informatica)
- Interazione e Multimedia  (9CFU 1Sem 1000420 L Informatica)
- Reti per l'automazione Industriale (9CFU 2Sem 1002067 LM Ing. Informatica)
- Architettura Internet e Programmazione Web (9CFU 1Sem 1001379 Ing. Informatica)
- Architetture e tecnologie dei sistemi di telecomunicazione (9 CFU 2 Sem 1001628 LM Ing. Informatica)
- Programmazione di sistemi autonomi e laboratorio (9 CFU 2 Sem. 1014422 LM Informatica)
        Potential indications of the optional subjects:
The student can ask for execute, as "activity_at_choice", and alternatively to a subject to choose, an internship activity to be executed into companies, public or research bodies.
The student who would like to exploit the possibility  of acquiring the  CFU at choice with an internship activity has to do the following:
1)      submit an application to the Board of Master Degree. There he has to ask for a prior evaluation of the training program to be fulfilled through an internship  within a company  who has an agreement with the university. The application has to contain: The name of the company, the training program signed by a company tutor, the period and the modalities of development and the hours/cfu foreseen.
2)      The Il CdLM evalutes the non-overlapping of the submitted project  proposed with the normal contents within the Study Plan of the student, including the validity focalised to the whole training profile of the student like deepening of one of the subjects of the SSDs  within the CdLM, and also including the congruence Hours/CFU. In case of positive evaluation, the Board appoints a didactic tutor within the professors of the CdLM,   and also a commissionfor the final evaluation of the perfoemed actiity. The memorandum of approval  is sent the the student secretariat and to the internship office as pertaining to.
3)      At the end of the internship, the student will have to present at the internship office the internship register relation, both signed by the didactic and company  tutors. The student will then obtain from the office a reeceipt certifyng the correct execution of the internship activity.
4)      The student will agree with the president of the evaluating commission  the date of the exam, after which the commission will write a memorandum with the arguments deal with and a final mark and the cfu gained.
5)      The CdLM, after that memorandum, approves the acquisition of the CFU as  "credits_at_choice" for the SSD XX and sends a writted memorandum to the Student Secretary  for furthr fulfilment.