Teacher's card

Aurelio LA CORTE

Associate Professor of Telecommunications [ING-INF/03]

Associate Professor in Telecommunications, he has more than 20 years of experience in scientific and teaching activity and specific experience in designing telecommunications networks and systems and in managing complex projects. Responsible for various ICT-related activities at the University of Catania, he has been involved in coordinating, designing and developing networks and ICT services. He has specific competences and multi-year experience in project management, coordinating complex activities and processes, managing interchange information between the various stakeholders involved in complex processes, monitoring projects, with particular reference to the involvement of public administrations. He has carried out consultancy work on behalf of various public administrations on issues related to information systems, telecommunications networks and systems, telematic systems, advanced voice and data facilities, innovative ICT services and technological innovation. He has specific expertise and multi-year experience in designing telecommunication systems and integrated services. He has many years of experience in writing technical specifications for public procurement of ICT supplies and services, participation in a competition committee for computerized and telematic services and supplies, in the testing of info-telematic systems, in coordination and in the technical direction of complex ICT projects.

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