Alberto Alfio Natale FICHERA

Full Professor of Thermal engineering and industrial energy systems [ING-IND/10]


Alberto Fichera was born the 25th of December of 1960. He is full professor of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer at the University of Catania. He teaches Energy Management and Energy. His main research interests are numerical heat transfer and energy management. He was the president of the "Spin Off" commission at the University of Catania. He was the international delegate of the University of Catania. He participated at the ASTUTE project, a three-year project funded by the European Commission, Intelligent Energy Executive Agency (IEEA) 2006-9, aimed to identify, understand and overcome the barriers that prevent increasing the use of sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient modes transport. He participated at GRaBS (Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco Towns) project aiming at facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience, on climate change adaptation strategies to local and regional authorities. He also participated at EU “SPECIAL Spatial Planning and Energy for Communities in all Landscapes”, project, co-funded by European Union’s Intelligent Energy Europe (IIE) programme, leaded by Town and Country Planning Association, London, aiming to detect a way of planning for sustainable energy by integrated sustainable energy approach for physical and transport planning. He is author of about 160 papers published in various reviewed journals and proceedings of national and international conferences.


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