Course Overview

In a competitive and rapidly evolving society and productive context, the course of the Master's Degree in ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING is able to ensure the student the development of advanced design skills aimed at the realization of traditional electronic devices, circuits and systems through state-of-the-art technologies and, at the same time, provides the ability to face new problems in emerging scenarios, favoring the student to develop autonomous updating skills.

An Electronic Engineer is an extremely sought after professional figure in large multinationals, but also in small and medium-sized enterprises and public and private research centers. This means that the entry salaryis also among the highest and the career opportunities in Italy and abroad are very good in absolute gender equality. Also not to be overlooked is the possibility of self-employment through highly innovative start-ups. In  brief, the  pervasiveness of electronics in virtually all human activities requires and will require an increasing number of electronic engineers. For this reason, the degree program is looking for girls and boys with a three-year bacheor degree either in electronic or computer engineering or industrial engineering, enthusiastic and motivated, eager to venture into a world of rigor and creativity that represents the technological basis of all modern applications: they will find in their teachers the same passion, commitment and dedication to Electronics in its most advanced facets.