Seminar Announcement

Prof. Scelba cordially invites students to attend a seminar scheduled for Wednesday, December 13th, 2023, from 15:00 to 16:30 at Aula P3, Building 3 (Polifunzionale). The seminar is titled:

"Power Conversion Topology for Server Racks and AI CPUs"

"Introduction and Practical Demonstration of a High Current Multiphase Converter for CPUs"

The lecturers for this seminar are Eng. Giovanni Mangraviti and Eng. Emanuele Pellegrino, both from Analog Devices - Catania.

Your attendance at this informative session is highly encouraged.

Best regards,

Giacomo Scelba


Eng. Giovanni Mangraviti

Eng. Giovanni Mangraviti, master's degree in Electronics with specialization in power electronics. Twenty years of experience in the field of DC/DC and motor control coverters

He worked for a decade at STM in Catania as an application engineer, initially dealing with three-phase inverters and motor control and then concluding the experience by including the design of PFCs and DC/DC converters with powers greater than a KW.

6 years ago moved to Maximintegrated, acquired on year ago by Analog Device, to follow the development of a resonant converter and found a new group of application engineers dedicated to products and power converters used on server racks and power supply of high-performance CPUs.

Eng. Emanuele Pellegrino

Eng. Emanuele Pellegrino, graduated in electronic engineering at the University of Catania with the thesis entitled 'Design of new architectures for switching regulators in Smart Power technologies' at STMicroelectronics.

Since 2020 Application Engineer belonging to the 'Cloud and Comm' team in Analog Devices Catania.

The activities carried out concern the design and testing of innovative topologies of Multiphase Buck Converters for Data Center applications, CPUs, GPUs and Custom ASICs.


Data di pubblicazione: 03/12/2023

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