3 CFU 'other activities'

Dear Students,

regards the 3 CFU of 'Other activities' you can choose one of the following activities:

  • “Digital control for power converters” by STMicroelectronics (18 hours, 8 meetings, first lesson 23/10/2023 at 15:00 room P3, max 15 students)
    The course introduces the fundamentals of digital control of power converters with a practical approach based on microcontrollers. In particular, the course will be based on STMicroelectronics STM32 family of 32-bit ARM Cortex-M core-based microcontrollers and will use the related ecosystem, STM32 IDEs, providing a kick-start to its use in the industrial world.
  • “Electromagnetic FEM virtual laboratory” by Prof. Nunzio Salerno (18 hours, 7 meetings, first lesson 27/10/2023 at 15:00 room P7, max 10 students )
    The laboratory consists of the use of free software (“Windows OS”) based on the finite element method (FEM) applied to the solution of an electromagnetic benchmark. An optimization algorithm will be then implemented and used together with the FEM software to solve the benchmark automatically.
    The course is organized into 6 meetings, each lasting about 3 hours. A final event, in which students present the results of their activities, will conclude the course.
  • “Electrical and electronic measurements laboratory” by Prof. Carlo Trigona (18 hours, 7 meetings, first lesson 23/10/2023 at 15:00 room to be defined, max 10 students)
    The laboratory aims to introduce students to the use of sensors and transducers for different fields of application with particular emphasis on electrical machines, power systems, industrial environments. The student will acquire knowledge on experimental study of measurement systems, sensing/harvesting devices and autonomous systems. 
  • “Virtual and practical laboratory on photovoltaic power systems” by Prof. Giuseppe Marco Tina (18 hours, 6 meetings, first lesson 8/1/2024 starting time and room to be defined, max 10 students)
    The laboratory consists of the use of software tools (PVsyst, SAM or others) to dimension and simulate photovoltaic power plants with and without storage systems.
  •  Unlike in recent years, Coursera courses are not valid as “other activities”.

You have to book a course no later than  October 20th by following this link. To book a course, after selecting the course scroll through the calendar and select the day of the first lesson. Please, book only one course.

Prof. Salerno (nunzio_DOT_salerno_AT_unict_DOT_it) will organize the calendar of the lessons in accordance with the teachers.

All courses offered are compact and with practical lessons. For these reasons, the activity is only in presence, and attendance is mandatory. Only one absence is tolerated.

For further information visit: http://wwwelfin.diees.unict.it/esg/didattica/3CFU/aa_23_24/index.html

Data di pubblicazione: 06/10/2023

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