3 CFU Course 'other activities'

Dear Students,

considering the particular situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as regards the 3 CFU of 'other activities' you have to choose one of the following courses that will be held on-line:

1) “Digital control for power converters” by STMicroelectronics (18 hours, 8 meetings, first lesson 18/05/2021)

2) Electromagnetic FEM virtual laboratory by prof. Nunzio Salerno (18 hours, 8 meetings, first lesson 11/05/2021)

3) Coursera courses, choosing one or more courses (for an amount not less than 18 hours) in Electrical/Electronics Engineering; before attending a course, it must be approved by the coordinator prof. Salerno.

I invite you to send an email with your choice by April 25th to prof. Salerno that coordinates the course this year. 
Prof. Salerno will organize the calendar of the lessons in accordance with the teachers.

Best regards

Prof. Mario Cacciato

For further information please contact prof. Salerno (nunzio_DOT_salerno_AT_unict_DOT_it) or visit: http://wwwelfin.diees.unict.it/esg/didattica/3CFU/aa_20_21/index.html

Data di pubblicazione: 09/04/2021