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Salvatore Massimo OLIVERI

Full Professor of Design methods for industrial engineering [ING-IND/15]

Massimo Salvatore Oliveri, full professor in SSD ING/IND-15, studies with his work team, tools and methods aimed at the industrial design. Currently he is studying topological, functional and ergonomic construction solutions and the development of representation methods, which also affect the simulation of the virtual models. He studies  methods based on reverse engineering with non-contact acquisition systems of surfaces and the subsequent mathematical processing for the reconstruction of the volumes; he is interested in physical prototypes production through the use of R.P. techniques. Currently he is referring to the University of Catania for AMELIE Project, he is scientific director of the PON01_02380-STEM STELO (Systems and Technologies for the construction of machines for the Development of Heavy Transportation and Logistics project). He collaborates with prestigious national industries such as Ferrari SpA, Ducati Motor Holding SpA and Lamborghini Auto SpA.  He is author of numerous articles published in national and international journals and numerous papers presented at national and international congresses.

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