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Giuseppe PUGLISI

Assistant Professor of Astronomy and astrophysics [FIS/05]
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Academic Year 2022/2023

I am interested on Cosmology since there are many many open questions to be answered and better understood. We are now in the era of precision cosmology so it's going to be very exciting. In particular, i focus on the emission of the Cosmic Microwave Background, as it allows us to probe the Universe  when it was just 400,000 years old! There are many things yet to be discovered especially related to the very first time lapses where  we believe the Universe underwent through an exponential expansion (aka inflation).  


Thesis projects: 

- Data Analysis of current microwave data taken from Chile and Antarctica 

- Simulation for CMB  mission satellite: LiteBIRD

- Cosmological datasets with Convolutional Neural Networks 

- Unsupervised learning  for feature extractions: Clustering techniques

- 3D modelling of Galactic magnetic field