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Associate Professor of Thermal engineering and industrial energy systems [ING-IND/10]

Arturo Pagano was born in Catania, Italy, in 1974.
1998 – Degree in Mechanical Engineering with full marks (110/110), University of Catania, Italy, discussing a thesis developed at ERG-ING-DIACO division of the ENEA Research Center at Casaccia (Rome).
2002 – Ph.D. in Electronic and Automatic Control Engineering, University of Catania, Italy, discussing the thesis “Nonlinear models and control of thermofluidynamic systems”.
2002 – Winner of Post-Doctoral position for two years at the University of Catania in the field of Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, research project “Advanced models for the analysis of thermofluidynamic systems”.
2002 – Period of research at the University of Bologna as visiting researcher for the development of an experimental campaign for the analysis of Vapotron effect.
2003 - Period of research on invitation of Prof. Gilles Desrayaud, director of the LETEM-INSSET at the Universitè de Picardie ‘Jules Verne’ in Saint Quentin, France, for the assessment of analytical and numerical models of the thermofluidynamic behavior of pure fluids and binary mixtures inside cavities.
2004 – Awarded with the Honorable Mention in the “Eurotherm Young Scientist Prize and Awards 2004” for the best European Ph.D. thesis in the field of Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer.
2004 – Confirmation for two years of the Post-Doctoral position at the University of Catania, further yearly renewed in 2006 and 2009.
2011 – Winner of a Research Position at the University of Catania, in the field of Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer.
Since 2011 he is Assistant Professor at DII and, after its closure, at DIEEI.
2012 - Visiting researcher at DIEF, upon invitation of Prof. Giovanni Barozzi and Prof. Mauro Alessandro Corticelli within the research activities on natural convection in enclosures and loops.
Since Academic Year 2012-13 he teaches Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer in the First Level Degree in Industrial Engineering, L9.


Publication indexed on Scopus can be seen at https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=7102328100

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