Santi Agatino RIZZO

Assistant Professor of Electrical engineering [ING-IND/31]

Santi Agatino Rizzo received in October 2006 the master's degree in Microelectronics Engineering, with honours, at the University of Catania, where he also received the PhD in Electrical Engineering in March 2010.

Since June 2010 to September 2021, he was a Research Fellow at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Catania, where he is currently an Assistant Professor of Electrotechnics.

Santi Agatino Rizzo teaches Advanced Circuit Analysis and Design in the master's degree in Electrical Engineering for Sustainable Green Energy Transition. He has taught Power Electronics in the master's degree in Electronic Engineering (2017-2022); Electrotechnics in the bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering (2022-2023).

The research activity of Santi Agatino Rizzo mainly concerns the circuit analysis and modelling applied to power systems and power electronics. Moreover, his interests include the application of stochastic optimization, machine learning and numerical methods in the field of electronic and electrical engineering. He authored more than 50 papers published in international journals and over 70 papers presented at international conferences.

Santi Agatino Rizzo is a member of the editorial board of some international journals:

Energies and Electronics both edited by MDPI;

International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems edited by Wiley-Hindawi;

AIMS Energy edited by AIMS Press

Santi Agatino Rizzo is the local scientific coordinator of the project “Advanced power-trains and -systems for full electric aircrafts” (PRIN 2017) funded by MIUR.

He is the scientific coordinator of research activities committed by STMicroelectronics.


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