Christian Grasso

Research Fellow
Office: Edificio 3 - Polifunzionale

Christian Grasso (Student Member, IEEE) received the master’s degree (cum laude) in telecommunications engineering from the Department of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering, University of Catania, Italy, in 2017. In February 2021 he got his PhD. in Systems, Energy, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering at the same university under the guidance of Prof. Giovanni Schembra with a thesis entitled "Network softwarization and smart services in 5G ecosystems". His research activity includes the study and application of resource orchestration in a 5G environment for creating and managing network slices, applying artificial intelligence, and paradigms of SDN, NFV, and MEC. He also works on tactile Internet and blockchain technologies. He was involved in the H2020 European Projects INPUT, Triangle, 5GINFIRE, and Flame as a Research Consultant and a Software Developer with CNIT or other companies


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  • C. Grasso, R. Raftopoulos and G. Schembra, “The Triangle Platform for End-to-End Performance Anaysis of a 5G Video Transmission Network Slice,” 15th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS), Lisbon,Portugal, 2018.
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  • C. Grasso and G. Schembra, “A Fleet of MEC UAVs to Extend a 5G Network Slice for Video Monitoring with Low-Latency Constraints,” Published in MDPI Special Issue on Softwarization at the Network Edge for the Tactile Internet, January 2019, Volume 8, Issue 1,3
  • G. Faraci, C. Grasso and G. Schembra, “Reinforcement Learning for Management of a 5G Network Slice Extension with UAV’s,” 2019 IEEE INFOCOM Workshops: SMILING 2019: Sustainable networking through Machine Learning and Internet of Things, Paris, 2019
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  • G. Faraci, C. Grasso and G. Schembra, “Design of a 5G Network Slice Extension with MEC UAVs Managed with Reinforcement Learning,” JSAC Special Issue on Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Networking
  • F. Busacca, C. Cirino, G. Faraci, C. Grasso, S. Palazzo and G. Schembra,“Multi-Layer Offloading at the Edge for Vehicular Networks,” 2020 IEEEMedComNet, Arona, 2020
  • C. Grasso, K. Eswarb, P. Nagaradjaneb, M. Rameshb and G. Schembra, “Designing the Tactile Support Engine to Assist Time-Critical Applicationsat the Edge of a 5G Network,” Submitted to Computer Communications,Special Issue on Network Intelligence
  • C. Grasso and G. Schembra, "Decision Making Optimization for Job Offloading in Vehicular Edge Computing Networks," Accepted to AEIT International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive, Catania, 2020

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